30% Bonus on Buying Melia Rewards Points


A few weeks ago I wrote about a trick whereby you can buy Melia Rewards points and transfer them to Lufthansa Miles & More or Air Berlin Topbonus at an attractive rate of 2 points –> 1 mile. I mentioned at the time that Melia occasionally run bonus offers for buying points. Melia is currently running such a bonus promotion…

Until 31 October, 2013, if you buy between 20,000 and 100,000 points, you will receive 30% additional points as a bonus. At a base cost of 8 euros per 1,000 points, if you buy the maximum of 100,000 points, you would receive 130,000 points for a total cost of 800 euros.

Those 130,000 points should convert to 65,000 Miles & More miles, making your net cost 1.23 Euro cents per mile (1.05p / mile). Buying miles for this price is hardly a bargain, but it certainly beats the cost of buying miles directly from Lufthansa and gets around Lufthansa’s annual cap on buying miles.

When combined with the monthly discounted redemption destinations, this can be quite compelling value. To take a current example, flights from Frankfurt to Tokyo are available in business class for 70,000 miles + 410GBP in taxes and fuel surcharges. Ignoring briefly the annual cap for the purposes of this example, that business class return would cost you 735GBP to buy the miles and 410GBP in TFS = 1145GBP – not a bad deal at all…

Before you jump in and buy the maximum, read through this thread on Flyertalk to make sure you are aware of the problems some people have experienced. I believe (but I can’t find a link that confirms my belief) you are also limited by an annual cap of 100,000 points transferred to Miles & More, so keep that in mind.

Although the main point of this post is to discuss transfers to Miles & More, buying points speculatively during this promotion might be worthwhile as they can also be used for Melia hotel nights. A 4-star Melia would cost 17,000 points per night = just more than 100 euros a night. Certainly not a bargain, but for a midweek stay you might get yourself a decent discount on the cash price…

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2 comments on “30% Bonus on Buying Melia Rewards Points
  1. Heather says:

    Don’t forget too that Melia can be transferred to Iberia if you need a little top up for your Avios, thanks for the tip on that one from Flying Piggie in the past. I only needed a couple of thousand and it was cheaper to do it this way. From what I have read you need to make sure your iberia account is 90 days old to be able to spend them, or move them to BA.

    • craigthemif says:

      Yes, but don’t move large amounts. 100 Melia points –> 15 Avios, which is a horrible rate.

      You can spend IB+ Avios any time – it’s the transferring to/from BA that requires a 90-day old account.

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