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Le Club Accor Hotels is the loyalty programme for the French Accor Hotels chain, which includes such hotel brands as Sofitel, Mercure, Novotel, Pullman and Ibis. If you aren’t familiar with the programme, Le Club Accor have recently improved their website and you can take a quick tour here.

 Achieving Elite Status

Le Club Accor Hotels has 3 levels of elite status: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To achieve Silver status you need 10 nights, or to earn 2,500 points. To achieve Gold status, you need 30 nights, or to earn 10,000 points. Platinum status requires 60 nights, or 25,000 points earned.

Despite that, it is fairly easy to obtain instant platinum status with Le Club Accor hotels. I posted about one such offer recently (and it’s probably the most visited page on Flying Piggie) and Loyalty Lobby is also a good place to find the offers when they come around…

An alternative method of achieving Platinum status is to become a shareholder in Accor. This website (in French) describes how to get your platinum status as a shareholder holding a minimum of 50 shares. With the current share price about 33 euros a share, an investment of 1650 euros would get you platinum status.

I can’t offer you any financial advice about whether it makes sense for you, but it’s certainly an interesting way of maintaining status (and presumably getting the occasional dividend…) without chasing the various instant platinum offers that require setting up new accounts every time.

Published Benefits of Elite Status

Silver members receive the following benefits:

  • 50% bonus points
  • free welcome drink
  • free internet
  • late check out (if available)

Gold members receive the following benefits:

  • 75% bonus points
  • welcome drink
  • free internet
  • early check-in OR late check out
  • guaranteed room availability with 72 hours notice (subject to a list of excluded properties/ blackout dates)
  • room upgrade

Platinum members receive the following benefits:

  • 100% bonus points
  • welcome drink
  • free internet
  • early check-in AND late check out
  • guaranteed room availability with 48 hours notice (subject to same list of excluded properties/blackout dates)
  • room upgrade
  • access to executive lounge (except at Sofitel Melbourne and Sydney)

Unpublished Benefits / The Inside Scoop

Status Matching – Le Club Accor Hotels don’t do status matches from other hotel chains. However, a couple of other chains are willing to status match against Le Club Accor Platinum status. (the major ones, being aware that it is easy to get platinum status without any stays, rarely, if ever, accept Le Club Accor status for challenges or matches) The main chain that does accept Le Club Accor Platinum is Best Western Rewards, which will give you Diamond Elite status (which can then often be matched to IHG Rewards Club Platinum Elite!).

Room Upgrades and Other Perks – The general consensus is that room upgrades do not happen automatically. Otherwise, you need to gently request an upgrade ahead of arrival to have much chance of an upgrade.

Even simple things like free drink vouchers, etc. often need to be specifically requested. Le Club Accor elite members are best advised to know the published benefits of their tier and insist upon them both before arrival, and during check-in.

Comparison to Other Chains – Any hotel chain that hands out its top tier elite status for free is likely to disappoint travellers used to earning status the “hard way”, and expecting commensurate benefits. Enjoy the 100% bonus points, and whatever benefits you manage to obtain (either through insistence or luck), but don’t expect too much from status with Le Club Accor.

When Paying Yourself – Is Aiming for Status Worth It?

Of course… when you get it for free! Until that changes, don’t bother going for status the hard way.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Accor Hotels do offer cashback via 8% is usually the minimum for mid-range hotels like Novotel or Mercure, rising to 16% or more when a cashback promotion is running. So, Le Club Accor Hotels is one chain where it may be cost effective to book direct (as opposed to via and take advantage of the few elite benefits you might get as an instant platinum.

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