Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Bonus Miles / Discounted Redemptions for January

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Turkish Airlines seem to have a monthly promotion, where a number of destinations are discounted by 25%. Unfortunately, I’ve read reports that suggest that the discount only applies when travelling to/from Istanbul, limiting their usefulness. I’ve just returned from Istanbul and it was cold!!! So, I wouldn’t rush to redeem miles for a trip to Istanbul in January…

More interestingly, in January 2014 Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles is also offering 50% bonus miles for paid tickets to the same list of destinations. You can find the full list and the Terms & Conditions here.

Anyhow, you can book reward travel to take place between 1-31 January, 2014 for 25% fewer miles. Or you can earn the 50% bonus for paid tickets. The destinations on offer are:

  • All Turkish domestic routes
  • Europe 1: Belgrade, Podgorica, Pristine, Sarajevo, Tirana, Skopje, Chisinau ,Zagreb, Sofia
  • Europe 2: Batumi, Bucharest, Donetsk, Ganja, Constanta, Lviv, Nahcevan, Odessa, Simferopol, Tbilisi, Dneprepetrovsk, Kiev, Baku
  • Europe 3: Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Bilbao, Birmingham, Bremen, Munich, Nurenberg, Dublin, Gothenburg, Edinburgh, Ekatarinburg, Friedrichshafen, Ufa, Cologne, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Manchester, Alborg, Stockholm, Stuttgart ,Turin, Naples , Nice, Riga ,Rostov, Santiago De Compostela, Toulouse, Valencia, Billund, Helsinkı, Oslo, Malta
  • Central and North Africa: Kinshasa, Cezayir, Hurghada, Misrata, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Tunis
  • Central Asia: Osh, Bishkek, Asqabat
  • Near East: Aqaba, Amman, Beirut, Tel Aviv
  • Middle East: Abu Dhabi, Tehran, Shiraz, İsfahan, Mashad, Slemani
  • North America: Houston

Be warned that the T&Cs mention “promotional fares are excluded”. However, you will need to dig around quite carefully to find out whether any particular ticket you are buying is a “promotional fare”. It appears I was caught out by this on my recent trip, so no miles for me…

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