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 ihgOne of the best ways to amaze my friends is to show them how I can earn 5 or more free nights, simply by staying 1 night at a hotel (which might only cost 40 euros a night!!). Many readers will be aware that IHG Rewards Club is the hotel loyalty programme for this, since it can be incredibly easy to earn points from promotional codes, and spend 5,000 points per night on a PointsBreak hotel.

As an example, here’s a recent stay in Buenos Aires, which was made in my girlfriend’s name…

ihg sil

Yes… that’s 25,000 points for a 1-night stay! If you were to buy those 25,000 points using this technique, you would spend $175. Use those 25,000 for 5 nights at a 5-star Intercontinental hotel on PointsBreaks, and you’d be saving at least $1000!!

For those starting out in the miles & points hobby, therefore, this is a fantastic way to get excited about the possibilities!

Last year, I provided some of the promotional codes that were circulating around. These all appeared to expire at the end of 2013, although some might still be working, so I suggest you check out that post as well if you’re new to IHG promo codes.

However, thanks to Bart Lapers and Flyertalk, there seem to be a few new codes for 2014. Many of these have not been tested, so you should perhaps wait awhile before trying them. Some of them also have a limited period in which they can be used – once you’ve registered – so you should make a mental note to only try the codes a few days in advance of your next IHG stay.

To input the promotional codes, you should go to this website – https://www.ihg.com/rewardsclub/us/en/offers/promoreg/ – where you will see a screen that looks like this:

ihg promo

Enter your IHG Rewards Club number or registered email address, and the promotional code in the appropriate place. You will either receive a message saying your registration was successful, or that you aren’t eligible for whatever reason. Never mind the failures… more than enough codes will work just fine! (but don’t waste a code targeted at gold or platinum members if you don’t have that status, you will be registered, but never receive the points…)

The codes for 2014 are the following:

Elite Member Winback Bonus (3,000 points) – 3006
Elite Member Winback Bonus (3,000 points) – 3007
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 3050
New Stay Bonus – 3157
New Stay Bonus – 4040
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 4047
Gold Bonus (1,000 points) – 4326
Welcome Back Bonus – 4996
1000 Bonus Points for 60 days – 5000
Platinum Bonus (5,000 points) – 6319
Anniversary Bonus (usually 1,000 points per stay for 60 days) – 6636
Weekend Stay Bonus – 6788
Weekend Stay Bonus – 6796
Anniversary Bonus (usually 1,000 points per stay for 60 days) – 7999
Anniversary Bonus (usually 1,000 points per stay for 60 days) – 8000
1000 Point Gold Bonus – 8301
5000 Point Platinum Bonus – 8317
1000 Bonus Points Per Stay for 90 Days – 8647
Elite Member Bonus (3,000 points) – 8834
Welcome Back Bonus – 8994
New Member Bonus – 9942
New Member Bonus – 9944
2000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 9990

Previously, successfully registered promotion codes would appear in the “My Offer Status” of your online IHG Rewards Club account. However, this seems to be no longer the case, so I suggest that you keep a separate record of which promotions you have signed up for.  In addition, since there are duplicates of New Member Bonus (9942 / 9944), Anniversary Bonus (7999 / 8000) and Elite Member Winback (3006 / 3007), you might want to try registering for 1 now for your next stay, and then trying the other code later (when you come around to your second IHG stay)…

With any luck, you should receive 20,000 points or more with your next stay at an IHG hotel, which may make a mattress run worthwhile…

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