How to Save Money at Hilton HHonors Hotels

hhonorsDespite having gone through a massive devaluation in 2013 that substantially reduced the value of an HHonors point for redemption purposes (as well as the removal of fixed airline miles earning), Hilton HHonors is still an interesting hotel loyalty programme, mainly because of the decent elite status member benefits that I detailed in my review of hotel status

It is also possible to follow a few tips in order to reduce the cost of stays at Hilton properties, which helps to increase the attractiveness of Hilton versus the competition…

Topcashback and Tesco Clubcard

I’ve said it dozens of times. Anybody not a member of is wasting money! Simply by visiting Topcashback and clicking on the Hilton Hotels link before making your hotel reservation, you will receive cash back of 5-5.5%.

Even better… cash back from Hilton Hotels MUST be transferred to Tesco Clubcard. For those not familiar with Tesco Clubcard, check out this post. So, your 5.5% tracked cashback will become 58 clubcard points per GBP spent at Hilton. 100 clubcard points can be converted into 240 Avios (British Airways) or 250 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

For simplicity, I value a mile at 1 pence. So, my rule of thumb is pretty simple – 5.5% Topcashback = 145 Virgin Atlantic miles (via Tesco) = 14.5% cashback!

If you aren’t yet a member of, please use this referral link when signing up. As an added bonus, you will receive 500 clubcard points (1250 Flying Club miles) when you earn £10 of cashback.

It can perhaps be a bit intimidating to set up Topcashback and Tesco clubcard accounts, but I promise you it’s worth it when those airline miles start rolling in!

Discount Codes

It’s also possible to achieve substantial reductions in the headline rates by using promotional or corporate codes. These codes all are publicly available and have worked for me and others just fine…

Corporate Benefit Code

The best code to try for stays outside of the United States is PR13CB. Here’s how to enter it when searching for hotels…

hilton discount codes

This code, when available at the hotel you require, generally offers at least a 20% discount. However, this is also a prepaid and non-refundable rate, so make sure your plans are completely firm before using it.

United Kingdom Public Sector Offer

For stays in the United Kingdom, make sure to try PR11PN and PR09PN. These codes are targeted at public sector workers, but I’ve never been asked for any form of ID.

Again, these are prepaid rates, but can result in up to 40% discounts, in many cases with breakfast included.

The code ought to work in the rest of Europe and the Middle East, although I’ve never found availability using these codes outside of the United Kingdom…

Little League Rate

For non-Americans, “Little League” is a youth baseball organisation that is supported by Hilton Hotels. Try the discount code PGLL01 for a 15% discount. The somewhat surprising part is that this code sometimes works at hotels in countries worldwide that probably don’t have a baseball diamond or any idea of how to play the game!

The nice thing about this discount code is that the rate is usually cancellable / refundable, so it can be a better option than some of the prepaid codes mentioned previously.

MVP rate

And finally, for stays in the United States, you can try the MVP rates. These should give a 20% discount. Unlike the previous codes, that should be entered into the “Promotion / Offer Code” box, these ones go in the “Corporate Account” box as follows:

hilton mvp

The codes for the MVP discount are:

  • Hampton®, Doubletree® and Embassy Suites® hotels – 0560041604
  • Hilton®, Hilton Garden Inn® hotels – N0041604

So, with enough discount code options, hopefully you can find yourself a decent discount when booking your next Hilton HHonors stay…

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