Hilton HHonors Gold After 10 Stays – Changes to Referral Bonus Promo

hhonorsHilton HHonors have substantially improved the refer-a-friend bonus I wrote about earlier this year.

Much of the improvement comes on the side of the new member. New members receive 1,000 bonus points per stay for their first 10 stays. In addition, that new member will receive HHONORS GOLD STATUS after their 10th stay. To be eligible, the stays must take place before 31 December, 2014 and presumably the Gold status will be valid through 2015.

Considering that HHonors Gold status normally requires 20 stays in a calendar year, this is quite useful for new members. It’s worth remembering that HHonors Gold status gets members free breakfast, free internet, late check-outs, and the 5th night free on reward bookings. In fact, Hilton HHonors Gold status is generally considered to be the best mid-level status of the major hotel chains.

If you’re not yet an HHonors member, I would much appreciate it if you would email me at craigthemif {at} flyingpiggie.com so that I can refer you.

Details of the promotion can be found here.

If you’re thinking about referring friends, family, etc. yourself, you can also gain up to 25,000 bonus points from HHonors, earned:

  • 2,500 points with the new member’s first stay
  • 7,500 points after the new member’s fourth stay
  • 15,000 points after the new member’s tenth stay

If you have an HHonors account with few points and no status, but are thinking of making a few Hilton stays, it might be worth abandoning that account and getting referred for a new one.

Don’t forget that Hilton HHonors Gold status can be leveraged through status matches / challenges to other chains, such as Hyatt Gold Passport, so it might be worth the investment of a few cheap mattress runs in 2014 to get Hilton status in 2015 and potentially other hotel statuses in 2015 and beyond…

You also have airline promotions, such as this one from British Airways, to earn a good number of airline miles at the same time…

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