Rocketmiles – 1,000 Bonus Miles For Taking Quiz


Rocketmiles is giving out 1,000 bonus miles by taking a quick 5 question quiz. The caveat is that you will not receive these miles until you book your NEXT hotel reservation through their site. If you book through Rocketmiles occasionally then you should absolutely take this quiz, so that the bonus miles are there for your next booking. You can take the quiz here. The deadline is 29 August, 2014.

You will be asked 5 questions, which are probably the same for everybody.  Here are the answers:

  1. The Twelve Apostles are in Australia
  2. Guatemala has its national bird on the flag
  3. Jordan used to have a capital city called Philadelphia
  4. Singapore has only one train station
  5. In Moldova they speak a Romance language

I’ve written about Rocketmiles previously. The standard deal for a first time user is great. By using this link, you’ll be referred to Rocketmiles by me and earn 1,000 miles on your first booking, in addition to another 3,000 miles as a first booking bonus. Then, hotels on Rocketmiles earn a minimum of 1,000 miles per night. So, a minimum of 5,000 miles for your first booking. Since you can usually find hotels in the $100 range – particularly in the US – that works out to 2 cents per mile, and a free hotel night! Well worth doing, if only once…

See my previous posts for further details about Rocketmiles.

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