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One of the most-read posts on Flying Piggie concerns British Airways Tier Point Runs. A lot of people reach that post by googling How many tier points will I earn from Point A to Point B?

I’m thrilled with the traffic, but the easy answer would be to look it up on the BA Flight Calculator.

The reason I say that the BA Calculator is best is because the answer is not all that simple. No one chart can properly cover all of the possibilities, but I’ve tried to cover most of them below…

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That said, the Calculator sometimes is wrong, particularly with partner airlines, and exceptions do apply… For premium fares, there usually is no problem. But for discounted economy fares, it is best to assume that the lowest possible number of Tier Points will be earned. In theory, these are the fare classes for “Economy Lowest”:

  • British Airways : Q, O, and G
  • American Airlines : G, Q, N, O, and S
  • Finnair : A, G, N, O, Q, R, S, W, and Z
  • Iberia : Q, O, and P
  • JAL : N and Q
  • Qatar Airways : T, Q, and O

Even with British Airways, flights from London to Moscow are treated as long haul (2,000+ miles) for Tier Point purposes, even though the flight only manages 1,550 miles or so. (Business Class therefore earns 140 Tier Points) More disappointingly, the London Gatwick to Larnaca, Cyprus flight breaks the 2,000 mile barrier, but only earns Tier Points for the 1,150-2,000 mile short haul level. (Business Class therefore only earns 80 Tier Points)

Mid-haul British Airways flights

If you are looking for those elusive European flights that earn 80 Tier Points each way in Club Europe, you need to think “outer fringes of Europe”. Examples include: Helsinki, Bucharest, Albania/Greece, Malta, Canary Islands, etc.

Egypt is considered long haul (140 Tier Points in Business) whilst the rest of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia ) is short haul (80 Tier Points). I am not sure why it needs to be quite so confusing…

Ultra long-haul British Airways flights

Once you break the 6,000 mile barrier, long haul flights on British Airways earn a few extra Tier Points, but only in Flexible Economy and higher classes. Examples of such flights are London to: Singapore, Tokyo, Cape Town, Mauritius, Lima (coming soon)

Sydney, Australia is a special case, earning up to 360 Tier Points for First Class (30/60/120/150/240 in the other classes). If you are travelling to Australia and are concerned about Tier Points, it would make sense to break up your journey in Singapore and earn two sets of long haul Tier Points. (also wise to avoid an insane amount of time on the same plane)

If you are not familar with Tier Point runs, check out this post for further details. Most people will be aiming for:

  • 600 Tier Points to reach Silver
  • 1500 Tier Points to reach Gold

In both cases, four flights on British Airways are required.

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2 comments on “British Airways Executive Club Tier Point Earning
  1. Guiseppe Saporito says:

    We flew on Vueling on 25th of July and forgot to present our Oneworld Frequent Flyer cards. How can we claim the miles please (we still have the boarding pass)?

    • Flying Piggie says:

      You can only ever receive Avios from Iberia Plus by providing your Iberia number in advance (or from British Airways if you book as a BA codeshare) In general however you can’t retro claim for Vueling flights. You can try contacting British Airways Executive Club (assuming you booked a BA codeshare) and see if you get lucky. But I suspect you are out of luck…

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