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British Airways Executive Club offers something called Part Pay with Avios. Rather than booking an award seat with your Avios, you are instead buying a regular ticket, but reducing its cost by spending Avios. Although this idea is potentially a slippery slope towards a revenue-based award chart (which might take away the out-sized value sometimes available when spending Avios on otherwise expensive flights), it is also much easier to understand for many people. The big advantage of Part Pay with Avios is that award space is not required and you still receive Tier Points and Avios for the underlying fare. The disadvantage is that the value placed on an Avios is usually poor – 15,000 Avios will normally get a discount of £100 on a long haul booking. 0.66p isn’t really good enough in my opinion, unless you have millions of Avios to waste…

However, until 12 July, 2016, British Airways Executive Club is running a special promotion where you can now save the following:

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The asterisk on the short-haul cabin savings reflects the fact that you cannot use Avios to pay for any tax element of the fare (i.e. UK’s APD).

To take advantage, you need to book on and fly on British Airways or American Airlines on ex-London itineraries. All travel must be completed by 21 June 2017 for non-premium cabins and 24 May 2017 for premium cabins.

BA’s webpage outlining the terms and conditions of this promotion is available here.

I value an Avios at somewhere around 1p each. Therefore this is a great chance to receive fair value for those Avios, while at the same time earning more Avios and Tier Points on the underlying fare. A great deal!

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