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Yesterday I wrote about Marriott Rewards points expiration policy by sharing a cautionary tale. I was reminded of another recent screw-up, where a Flyertalk member converted some American Express rewards points into Club Carlson points, only to have these immediately converted into Avios on a 10:1 basis!

Why did this happen? Hidden away under “My Profile” when logged into your Club Carlson account, you should find this:


In case it’s not already obvious that this ratio is awful, Club Carlson’s highest award category costs 70,000 points per night – hotels in this category can easily cost upwards of £300 per night. However, 70,000 points convert into 7,000 miles or Avios, which would barely get us a one-way award ticket to Continental Europe…

This is really a horribly aggressive policy. If you have an upcoming stay that you would rather earn miles for, but also have a balance of Club Carlson points, you cannot touch your preferences, otherwise your entire points balance will immediately convert to miles. At least Club Carlson make it relatively obvious before you make changes to your preferences.

And, like our unfortunate friend… if you stayed at a Radisson a few years back, earning miles for the stay, and then decide to convert some credit card points to pay for an upcoming hotel stay without checking your Club Carlson account preferences. Oops…

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