Club Carlson – Double Points or Double Status Nights


Club Carlson have announced a promotion that will run through to the end of 2016. It’s pretty simple… you can choose Double Points or, if you are looking to achieve some level of elite status with Club Carlson, you can choose to have your Club Carlson nights between now and the end of the year count for double.

Registration is required here.

As a reminder, Club Carlson has three levels of elite status:

  • Concierge – 75 nights or 30 stays
  • Gold – 35 nights or 20 stays
  • Silver – 15 nights or 10 stays

Silver doesn’t really mean much. Gold is a bit better, mainly because of the 2-for-the-price-of-1 and 4-for-2 rates available in the EMEA region. Concierge is obviously the best, with free breakfast and lounge access included. It is important to note that this promotion does not apply to stays, only nights. So, I would only choose Double Nights if you were realistically going to reach Gold or Concierge as a result.

Double Points is also straightforward. Club Carlson’s standard earning rate is 20 points per US dollar spent. Choosing double points means you will earn an extra 20 points. (any status bonuses are separate)

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