Hilton HHonors – Half Price Sale on Buying Points

Barely a month has passed since the last Hilton HHonors promotion for buying points. But Hhonors have returned with practically the same promotion, except with a twist…


Instead of offering a 100% bonus, HHonors are offering a 50% discount for purchases of 10,000+ points. The impact is the same: the effective price of an HHonors point becomes 0.5 US cents each.

However, HHonors have raised the annual limit for buying points to 160,000. Why does this matter, since in previous promos an HHonors member could buy 80,000 points and receive 160,000? It matters because those members who previously bought 80,000 points (160,000 with the bonus) can now buy an additional 80,000 points this calendar year.

Why buy points? Well, sometimes it makes more sense to do this instead of paying the going rate.

hhonors award

Any Category 1 hotel is going to cost $25 per night simply by buying the points at this price. A Category 2 hotel will cost $50 per night. Very rarely will you find paid rates that low. And that’s before taking into account that HHonors members with some kind of elite status receive the fifth night free when making award bookings of 5 nights or longer. (and it’s easy to get HHonors elite status through a status match or a fast track promo)

If your hotel tastes run towards the high end, take a Category 10 hotel costing 95,000 points per night, such as the gorgeous Conrad Maldives.

conrad maldives

Room rates regularly reach $1,000 per night at this property.

conrad maldives jan17

Buying 76,000 points (fifth night free), would cost you $380 during this promo  (with no extra taxes on top). Unfortunately you can’t buy all of the 380,000 points you would need for a five-night sta, but those HHonors members who bought 160,000 points earlier this year can now buy another 80,000, getting them closer to a highly-discounted 5-night stay in the Maldives…

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