Miles & More – 11,400 miles for a Subscription to the Economist


The Economist is one of my favourite newspaper / magazines, and I generally read it from cover to cover when it arrives in my postbox. It should come as no surprise that many of the same people who enjoy the Economist also have the financial means to travel frequently (although the collection of air miles helps bring travel opportunities to more than just the well-off) And I, like many, have been a subscriber for years without knowing that I could earn miles for my subscription to the Economist. Even better, occasionally Lufthansa Miles & More will offer bonus miles, and we all know how difficult it can be to accumulate them since Lufthansa don’t sell them. One such promotion period is now.

Until 31 January, 2017, new subscribers to the Economist can earn:

  • 11,400 miles for a Print + Digital subscription
  • 8,700 miles for a Print-only or Digital-only subscription

Unfortunately two of the well-known “tricks” with Economist subscriptions do not appear to be possible:

  • You cannot cancel the subscription after receiving the miles
  • You cannot use a VPN or otherwise subscribe from an address in Canada (where subscriptions are much cheaper)

This means you basically have to pay the standard rates for the United Kingdom: £179 for a Print + Digital subscription or £145 for a Print-only or Digital-only Subscription.

This restriction means that you probably don’t want a subscription ONLY for the miles, but if you are a regular reader of the Economist the miles make up a very nice bonus for money you’d already spend.

You can access the offer here.

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