Club Carlson – Earn Bigger Rewards Promotion

Club Carlson has launched a new promotion running from 9 January until 31 March 2017. However, PAY ATTENTION, because the promotion involves choosing IN ADVANCE one of five options that otherwise simply appear to be accumulative.

Your options are:

  • Stay 1 night, earn 5,000 bonus Gold Points
  • Stay 2 nights, earn 10,000 bonus Gold Points
  • Stay 4 nights, earn 20,000 bonus Gold Points
  • Stay 8 nights, earn 50,000 bonus Gold Points
  • Stay 20 or more nights, earn 100,000 bonus Gold Points

The nights do not need to be consecutive.

You need to pre-register for this promotion at this website. At that time, you must choose once of the five options, and you cannot change this later.

I don’t value Club Carlson points very highly, perhaps 0.3p each – since it costs 70,000 points per night at practically all of their attractive hotels. So this promotion would offer a £15 rebate per night, a bit more if you stay 8 nights.

This is a poorly designed promotion in my view. Promotions should be aimed at getting customers to stay more at that specific chain, beyond what they already intend. The up-front choice means that many Club Carlson members will only sign up for the promotion that matches precisely with the nights they already have planned! Why sign up for the eight-night version, and then get nothing if you only manage seven nights?!?!


So, even though it’s normally good practice to sign up for promotions right away – before you forget about the promo entirely – I advise you to wait and see if you have a suitable Club Carlson stay upcoming, then sign up for the specific promotion that best matches those travel plans. Don’t get greedy and end up with nothing, and alternately don’t sign up for the single night version and then find yourself in a Radisson Blu for a week somewhere…

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