Earn 3,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles with Your First PointsHound Hotel Booking

It is easy to lose track of the number of hotel booking services / online travel agencies that offer airline miles (instead of cashback) as an incentive for booking hotel stays. Clearly the opportunity to earn air miles is a powerful driver for many travelers.

If you prefer staying at one of the major hotel chains, however, these third party bookings have the substantial disadvantage of not counting for elite status (either qualifying or receiving benefits); you also won’t earn any points.

Some of these hotel booking services also mark-up the price of the hotel stay to cover their cost of buying the airline miles to pass along to you as an incentive. This might not matter if you are spending OPM (other people’s money), but there are usually better ways of acquiring airline miles.

As a result, I mostly only pay attention to these hotel booking services whenever I see an interesting promotion where I can earn thousands of bonus miles for trying out a new service for the first time.


One such opportunity that might interest my readers comes from PointsHound. For a 2-night (or longer) hotel booking before 31 January, 2017, you can earn 3,000 bonus miles from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. You can sign up for PointsHound and read about the offer here.

Apart from that bonus, PointsHound don’t tend to offer as many miles as their competitors. The simple reason for this is that PointsHound doesn’t seem to mark-up its prices. So, you are paying the same rate as the other major OTAs and/or the hotel chain website.

So, if you have an upcoming two-night hotel stay at an independent hotel, take a look and see whether PointsHound has a competitive rate. If it does, then take advantage of this opportunity to earn 3,000 bonus miles from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

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