5,700 Avios for a 3-Day Car Rental From Avis

Iberia Plus and Avis have launched another bonus Avios promotion. This offer is similar to the one that was available last December.

Avis is offering 5,000 bonus Avios if you book a Group C car (or better) for 3 days or more, between now and 31 March, 2017. You will also earn at least 700 base Avios for the rental, making a total of 5,700 Avios.

Now here’s the problem… Avis obviously was swamped by the last promotion, and has therefore limited this 5,000 Avios promotion to the first 100 customers. Everybody else will merely earn 1,000 bonus Avios.

Now I believe that I am the first person to blog about this, so you might get into the first 100 if you book a rental right away, but there’s no real way of knowing where you end up in the list. To be honest, I wouldn’t even trust an Avis telephone agent about it. But if you like to gamble and actually need a rental car, this could be a fun promo to aim for.

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As before, you really need to be careful with the details, which you can find here. I’ve found Iberia Plus to be reasonably good with Avis promotions, although I’m still chasing my 18,000 Avios from last year’s promo. Here are the highlights:

  • You must book on avisiberia.es or avis.es. Bookings on other websites or online travel agents such as Expedia do not qualify. Avisiberia.es actually is blocked by my anti-virus program for some reason, but avis.es works fine.
  • You cannot use any other coupon, promotion or frequent flyer points offer. Be safe – don’t try to use a cashback website, or the simple discount codes offered to members of Iberia Plus or British Airways Executive Club. .
  • Only rent cars from the standard fleet. No moving vans, Prestige cars or those with a chauffeur. Group C is almost certainly going to be the cheapest that qualifies.
  • The bonus Avios can take up to 8 weeks to appear, so do yourself a favour and take a screenshot of the promotion, just in case you need to argue with Iberia Plus later…

I can understand Avis wanting to limit their liability somewhat, but it’s not really fair to make it impossible to find out whether or not you’ve made it into the first 100. But if you’re the gambling type have fun…

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