Hilton Honors – 500 Bonus Points for Booking with the App

Hilton Honors has announced a promotion that will run throughout 2017. Members can earn 500 bonus points when booking through the Hilton Honors App. Pre-registration is required so make sure to go do that at this website. I sometimes forget, so make sure to register right away.

hilton honors app

500 points isn’t really worth that much, perhaps £2 / $2.50. You can easily find better options with cashback or “miles” back. I tend to use the AAdvantage e-store, especially when there is an offer of bonus miles for spending a certain amount. However, you can also find Hilton in the avios.com shopping portal, as well as the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club shopping portal.

So, what’s the point of this 500-point promo? Well, it should count for award stays as well, and you’re never going to earn cashback on those. In my experience, you should charge something small to your room – a Coke, phone call, whatever – then you will earn a couple of Honors points. In the process, the IT system has no problems recognising your stay and crediting any promotion points due. The same advice applies for the 2,000 point per night promotion currently underway.

So, for 2017 award stays, try to remember to book them via the Hilton Honors App and earn 500 points back…


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