Earn 1,500 Bonus AAdvantage Miles

I like to write every once in awhile about the American Airlines online shopping portal. Quite frequently the shopping portal offers bonus miles for spending a certain amount within a limited period of time.

If you live outside of the United States, these offers might not seem relevant to you, but you don’t actually need to buy products that are shipped to you. You can actually make hotel reservations and earn AA miles. Whenever there is no cashback option from Topcashback or Quidco, this is a great way to earn a little bit extra for hotel bookings you were already planning on. The hotel chains currently offering “miles back” through the AA shopping portal – click here for details – are:

  • IHG hotels – 3 miles per U.S. dollar spent
  • Hilton hotels – 2 miles per U.S. dollar spent
  • Best Western hotels – 2 miles per U.S. dollar spent
  • Choice hotels – 2 miles per U.S. dollar
  • Country Inn (but not other Club Carlson brands) – 3 miles per U.S. dollar

I received an email about yet another bonus miles promotion, and this one appears quite appealing.

Between now and 14 April, 2017 if you make three separate transactions of $50 or more, you will earn 1,500 bonus miles (on top of the 2/3 regular miles earned from the shopping portal). You can quite easily qualify by making three one-night hotel reservations! The actual stay can take place after 14 April, although you won’t receive any miles (or bonus miles) until after the stay has taken place.

You can read further details here. Since these miles come from the shopping portal’s “affiliate link”, they will stack with all of the usual points or miles you would earn from the hotel chain, so there’s no reason not to try it out…

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