Hilton Honors – 100% Bonus When Buying Points

Hilton Honors has announced a 100% bonus when buying at least 5,000 points. The promotion will run from 16 March until 3 May, 2017.

In addition, the annual maximum has been lifted to 160,000 points per year, which would become 320,000 points thanks to the 100% bonus.

Since the regular price is 1 U.S. cent, this promotion means that it will cost 0.5 U.S. cents to buy Hilton Honors points. You must log into your account to buy points.

Should You Buy Points Now?

Since about 2015, Hilton Honors has offered these bonuses rather frequently, so there’s no need to rush to buy unless you have an imminent need.

However, with the changes to the Points & Money award option – you can read my impressions here – you will probably find that most award options now provide roughly 0.5 U.S. cents in value. i.e. if the cash rate is $200, you would also be charged roughly 40,000 Hilton Honors points. So obviously it makes much more sense to keep your money and just spend it on the regular room rate when the time comes.

That analysis might change slightly for:

  • Hotels in Categories 1, 2 and 3. For the moment, these hotels can only charge a maximum of 5K, 10K and 20K points per night so are potentially good value when buying points to spend on an award night
  • Hotels during periods of high demand. As long as there is no silent devaluation, the previous caps will apply. So, you might find yourself requiring a hotel that charges 60K points per night, but the cash rate is through the roof.

I suspect that we will be seeing a whole lot more of these promotions, now that Hilton Honors has made it so clear that an Honors point is unlikely to be worth much more than 0.5 cents. So, unless you have an imminent need for 320,000 points (Conrad Maldives perhaps?), I would just give this promotion a pass…

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