Iberia Plus – 13,200 Avios for an Economist Subscription

The Economist is one of my favourite newspaper / magazines, and I generally read it from cover to cover when it arrives in my postbox. It should come as no surprise that many of the same people who enjoy the Economist also have the financial means to travel frequently (although the collection of air miles helps bring travel opportunities to more than just the well-off).

It is also possible to earn miles from taking out a subscription to the Economist. I often write about offers from Avios.com or Lufthansa Miles & More.

economist avios

The latest offer comes from Iberia Plus again. As always, you can subsequently “Combine Your Avios” with British Airways Executive Club and/or Iberia Plus. The offer should be pretty familiar. A print-only or digital-only subscription will earn 10,200 Avios and a full Print + Digital subscription will earn 13,200 Avios. Your deadline for the promotion is 30 April, 2017.

The Economist has closed down the loophole that meant you could subscribe, bank the Avios, and cancel the subscription for a partial refund. You now need to maintain your subscription for at least one whole year. It is also quite difficult to receive additional Avios for subscription renewals, but perhaps you can get creative with different addresses, the account of a family member, etc.

It also appears as if the Canadian option has been shut down. No matter what I try, I cannot set my country to Canada and still see the bonus Avios option. So, you might have to pay the regular price.

A 1-year subscription for a UK-based resident will cost £179 for full Print + Digital access. Print-only or Digital-only costs £145. Someone resident in Continental Europe will spend €279 for the full Print + Digital access. Print-only or Digital-only costs €229. Exchange rates can be volatile, but subscriptions are obviously more expensive in Continental Europe.

The rate for the United States is a bit cheaper, at $190 for the full subscription. This will work out to roughly £150.

You probably won’t want to pay £179 (or even £150) for 13,200 Avios. But if you enjoy the Economist and receive value from having a subscription, by all means sign up again – using a different address, e-mail, etc. to ensure you receive the Avios.


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