Lifemiles Changes Award Pricing for Some Avianca Routes

Most travel hackers treat Lifemiles as an interesting way to buy miles cheaply, usually for 1.5 U.S. cents or less, to then spend those miles on Star Alliance partner rewards in Business or First Class.

I am sure that fewer  members are particularly interested in spending Lifemiles on Avianca flights, which is possibly why Avianca has announced a series of reductions (and a handful of increases) in the number of Lifemiles it will charge for certain routes.

These changes will be implemented on 5 April, 2017. Rather than replicate them all here, you can read about the changes on this webpage.

It appears that the only prices impacted will be lowest “Seats on Sale” Economy rewards.


Changes worth highlighting are:

  • Flights from Central America, Ecuador, Bogota, Cali or Lima to Madrid will reduce from 35K to 30K one way. (obviously due to direct competition with Iberia)
  • Flights from Colombia (except Bogota) to Los Angeles will reduce from 16.5K to 15K one way. Other routes to/from Los Angeles will also see reductions.
  • Flights from Colombia to Argentina or Chile will reduce from 15K to 13.5K one way.
  • Flights from the United States to places across South America (connecting in Bogota or San Salvador) will see increases.

These changes might be irrelevant for most of my readers, but if you occasionally fly on Avianca using your miles, it is worth checking out the changes. If you are interested in a route that is going to increase, make sure to book it before 5 April…

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