Avianca LifeMiles – Up to 125% Bonus when Buying Miles

Avianca LifeMiles is back again with another bonus offer for buying miles. Since these come along so frequently, I recommend that you only pay attention if you have an imminent reward booking in mind…

The current promotion runs until 30 May, 2017. As usual, the more miles you buy the bigger the bonus…

To receive the maximum bonus, a minimum of 101,000 miles must be bought, which means you will end up with 227,250 miles. This will cost you $3,333.00, or roughly £2,575 / €3,050. Per mile, you’re looking at about 1.47 US cents or roughly 1.15p.

You can purchase LifeMiles by logging into your account here.

Some of the things I like about LifeMiles are:

  • One way awards are allowed
  • No fuel surcharges are added
  • They have a Cash & Points scheme, so you don’t need to have all the required miles ahead of an award booking – you only need 40%. Buying miles this way usually costs roughly 1.5 US cents per mile.
  • Star Alliance frequently have the best “last minute” award availability, especially from airlines such as Lufthansa…

LifeMiles do have some disadvantages:

  • You can’t make multi-city bookings. Overnight stopovers are rarely allowed either. (which can often be the only way to get from Point A to Point B)
  • The call centre is horrible – perhaps a bit better if you speak Spanish, but still pretty bad…

Does this promotion make sense? You should check out the award chart here. A one-way in Business Class between Europe and North America will cost 63,000 miles. That works out to $925. Add some taxes and you’re looking at $1,000 for a one-way flight. Not ideal for sure, but still better than paying cash in many instances… But if you can only find availability in one direction with your Avios or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, being able to access Star Alliance award space through LifeMiles could mean the difference between thwarted plans and a great holiday.

However, since we have seen higher bonuses and/or lower thresholds for maximum bonus, I would only take advantage of this promotion if you have an imminent need for the miles. You can only buy 200,000 miles (pre-bonus) per calendar year…


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