Iberia Plus Partner Promotion – Combina y Venceras

Iberia Plus has returned with a promotion offering bonus Avios for using selected Iberia Plus partners. You can earn a maximum of 10,000 bonus Avios (for using at least 10 different partners) – the promo runs from 12 June and 31 August 2017.


You will earn the following:

  • 250 Avios for using 3-4 partners
  • 2,500 Avios for using 5-7 partners
  • 5,000 Avios for using 8-9 partners
  • 10,000 Avios for using 10-12 partners

Unfortunately, not all partners are participating. These are the partners that are:

A few of these partners are really only accessible for those physically in Spain. The relatively simple partners for a non-Spaniard are:

  • IberiaPluStore – you could buy Avios from Groupon via the IberiaPluStore
  • Avis – assuming that you occasionally rent cars,
  • Budget – again, you need to rent a car
  • Booking a hotel online via iberia.com
  • Chic Outlet Shopping – there are a few around Europe…

Partners that would require living in Spain (or at least a trip there) are:

  • Cinesa – a quick trip to the movies on Wednesdays costs roughly 5 euros
  • El Tenedor – besides Spain you can also book restaurants in a few other European countries
  • Repsol – if you rented a car, you will also need to refill it with petrol
  • Cepsa – ditto…
  • Cabify – a Uber equivalent operating in Spain, Portugal and a few South American countries
  • Paradores – if you’re coming to Spain, try staying a night or two at a Parador – often these are converted castles

And, finally, Iberia Cards will require you to live in Spain and basically already have the credit card. During the last version of this promotion I found out that cardholders cannot send Avios to anybody other than the registered cardholder…

Registration does not appear to be required and you can access a Spanish language website containing the details by clicking here.

If you have a trip planned to Spain this summer, you might enjoy the challenge of seeing whether you can scrape together 5 or 8 partners and earn yourself some bonus Avios in the process…

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