Lufthansa Miles & More Discounted Rewards – Book in November for travel from 1 March until 15 April

Every month, Lufthansa Miles & More announces a few destinations that are available for booking during that month at a substantial discount to the usual number of miles required.

It’s best to ignore the short haul offers, since the taxes and fuel surcharges are incredibly high with Miles & More (occasionally HIGHER than the cash cost of the ticket!). But there can be some interesting long haul bargains, particularly in premium cabins.

With that in mind, the latest list of discounted redemptions is now available.  You need to book between 1-30 November, 2017. However, the travel period is 1 March – 15 April 2018. 

It is important to note that these “Meilenschnaeppchen” bookings are completely non-refundable.

Here is the list of long haul destinations…

North America

  • Montreal, San Diego, Charlotte in Economy – 30,000 miles
  • New York, San Diego, Chicago in Business – 55,000 miles
  • Mexico City in Economy – 35,000 miles
  • Mexico City in Business – 60,000 miles

Africa / Middle East / India

  • Nairobi in Economy – 25,000 miles
  • Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai in Business – 55,000 miles


  • Singapore in Economy – 40,000 miles
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul in Business – 70,000 miles

If you are willing to position yourself to Vienna in order to fly on Austrian Airlines, you can also take advantage of this offer to travel to these destinations between 2 November and 30 December, 2017:

North America

  • Newark in Economy – 30,000 miles
  • Miami in Business – 55,000 miles

Asia / Africa

  • Mauritius in Economy – 30,000 miles
  • Shanghai in Business – 70,000 miles

A few interesting options… San Diego will get you to the west coast of the U.S. for 55,000 miles. Miami is also a nice last-minute option from Austrian Airlines.

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