World of Hyatt – 40% Bonus when Buying Points

Regular readers will know that Hyatt is my favourite hotel chain, even though the new World of Hyatt has been something of a disappointment. Hyatt’s Points + Cash reward option is an excellent way to extract out-sized value from your points. But in order to take advantage, you need to have points on hand. Since Europeans don’t have the option of a credit card to earn Hyatt points, buying them during promotional periods is often the next best thing…

Until 15 December 2017, World of Hyatt members can receive up to 40% additional points when buying over 10,000 points. Points usually cost $24 per 1,000, so this 40% bonus brings your cost down to $17.14 per 1,000. The annual maximum per member is 55,000 points, which would become 77,000 points thanks to the bonus. 40% is the highest bonus I have ever seen.

As mentioned, I often find amazing value in Hyatt’s Points + Cash award option. This is due to the fact that:

  • These stays / nights qualify for elite status purposes (full award nights do not)
  • These stays / nights qualify for any Hyatt promotions
  • These stays can be upgraded using a Globalist Suite Upgrade Certificate
  • You earn additional points (5 per USD, with a 30% bonus for Diamond members) on the cash portion
  • A Points + Cash award night often costs less (buying points during these promotions and adding the cash payment to the hotel) than paying the flexible cash rate

As a reminder, here is what Points + Cash looks like:

hyatt p+c value

If you are interested in topping up with some bonus points, log in to your World of Hyatt account or click here.

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