Welcome to Awardex – An Easy Way to Search for Flights Using Miles

If you think back to when you started collecting miles (or Avios) you probably started with British Airways Executive Club or the old AirMiles. You earned some miles from business travel and then you spent them on an award flight, probably with British Airways. You might have enjoyed that experience and started to look at other opportunities with UK-based airlines, perhaps Virgin Atlantic Flying Club or the sorely-missed BMI Diamond Club. At some point, you stopped booking economy rewards and started astounding your friends and family with tales of long-haul flights in First or Business Class.

To take this hobby to the next level, however, you need to move beyond just one or two frequent flyer programmes. Having “outgrown” the British Airways Executive Club awhile ago (mostly thanks to their repeated devaluations), I now make the majority of my reward bookings through frequent flyer programmes such as the ones offered by Alaska Airlines, Turkish Airlines, All Nippon Airways, etc. In the end, I’d rather spend 100,000 miles instead of 150,000 Avios for the exact same flights!

But most people find it too intimidating to learn about so many new, different and exotic airline programmes.

  • But what if there was a simple way to compare the reward chart pricing across most frequent flyer programmes?
  • But what if there was a way to easily show you how many American Express Membership Rewards points or Starwood Preferred Guest points – transferable loyalty currencies whose flexibility make them incredibly valuable – you could use to acquire the miles needed?
  • And, finally, what if there was a simple way of searching for reward space across all of those frequent flyer programmes?

There is! And it’s a website called Awardex.

Which Airlines / Hotel Chains / Credit Cards are Supported?

All of my favourites are present and accounted for… except one! The team at Awardex have promised that British Airways Executive Club is at the very top of their list of programmes to be added during December. However, since British Airways and Iberia are members of the Oneworld alliance, reward space will still pop up via the searches on Alaska Airlines, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, etc.

Credit Cards

Even though the website is obviously targeting an American clientele, Awardex has added a nice little bonus for British users. If you apply country settings to United Kingdom, you will only be shown those credit cards available to you. In other words… American Express Membership Rewards and the specific airline programmes and conversion ratios available to British cardholders.

The same concept applies to a number of other European countries.


How Do I Sign Up?

Click here!

Unfortunately the best things in life are rarely free – even First Class awards have taxes and surcharges to be paid. But every new Awardex member will receive 5 free credits to try it out.


If you like what you see, you might want to consider buying some more credits.  Awardex has two different pricing models: a monthly subscription and a bulk purchase of credits.


If you would like to learn more about how to obtain the same reward flights for fewer miles, then Awardex is a good way to make it all easy!

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2 comments on “Welcome to Awardex – An Easy Way to Search for Flights Using Miles
  1. Lucia says:

    Do they have info on Brazilian credit cards?

    • Flying Piggie says:

      I don’t think so. It’s a new start-up focusing on the major North American and European markets first.

      But it still makes award searches easier – you’ll just have to do your own research on credit card point –> mile conversions.

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