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Limited Time Offer – 25% Off Iberia Plus Rewards!

Iberia Plus is turning 25 years old. Whilst that might seem irrelevant, Iberia Plus is celebrating this by running a special promotion. All Iberia routes can be booked for 25% fewer Avios than normal! You must book your rewards through Iberia

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5,700 Avios for a 3-Day Car Rental From Avis

Iberia Plus and Avis have launched another bonus Avios promotion. This offer is similar to the one that was available last December. Avis is offering 5,000 bonus Avios if you book a Group C car (or better) for 3 days

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The Economist is one of my favourite newspaper / magazines, and I generally read it from cover to cover when it arrives in my postbox. It should come as no surprise that many of the same people who enjoy the

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Le Club Accor – Earn up to 6,000 Bonus Points (120 euros or 6,000 Avios) for 3 stays

Le Club Accor have announced a promotion that will run through 9 April, 2017. However hotel reservations must be made before 12 February 2017 to qualify!   The more you stay, the more bonus points you will earn: Your first stay of

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Iberia Plus Avios Sharing Bonus – Buy Avios for 1 Euro cent each

Iberia Plus are offering a special 50% Christmas bonus for transferring Avios to another person. Normally this doesn’t make much sense – you can always book reward tickets for other people without transferring any miles to them – but you

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Iberia Plus – Groupon Offer Returns…

If your Spanish is any good – or your web browser can translate for you – you might be able to purchase some Avios at a decent price. The offer comes from the Spanish version of Groupon and the Avios

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18,700 Avios for a 3-day car rental costing £50+

Iberia Plus and Avis have launched a promotion, but they don’t seem to be telling anybody about it! It is aimed at the Spanish market, where we have an upcoming “puente” or bank holiday weekend. Avis is offering 18,000 bonus

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