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Avios “Unmissable Sale” – Hotels

The Avios “Unmissable Sale” (very missable so far) continues… Today’s offer (from noon GMT 10 January until 11:59am GMT 13 January)  is 50% off hotel bookings made through the website. Unfortunately, only a few cities are involved : Berlin,

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How to Value Avios – Part 2

Yesterday I outlined some of the places where many mistakes, in my opinion, are made when trying to determine the value of an air mile. Today, it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is! I suggested

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How to Value Avios – Part 1

One of the reasons for starting Flying Piggie was to give myself both a reason to analyse and an outlet for all the miles-related stuff circulating around my brain! One of the areas I thought would be really interesting to

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Why Everybody Needs to Have their Own Valuation of an Avios (or any other loyalty currency such as a mile, hotel point, etc.)

Loyalty programmes often don’t work for people because they make a simple mistake, they don’t understand that the miles they receive have value, and they don’t know what a mile is worth to them. In a future post I’ll describe

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