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How to Save Money at Hilton HHonors Hotels

Despite having gone through a massive devaluation in 2013 that substantially reduced the value of an HHonors point for redemption purposes (as well as the removal of fixed airline miles earning), Hilton HHonors is still an interesting hotel loyalty programme,

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Transferring Hotel Points Between Accounts

For any number of reasons, families might find themselves with hotel loyalty points spread across the accounts of various family members. This isn’t usually a big deal, as long as each account holder manages to accumulate enough points for at

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TopCashBack Withdrawals Now Available as Avios

 I recently noticed that TopCashBack have added Avios as a partner for withdrawing balances. The rate, however, is nothing to get excited about. £1 of cashback converts into 105 Avios (including the 5% bonus) so you’re effectively buying Avios for

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Why Do I Write About Buying Miles So Often?

Regular readers might wonder why I write so often about opportunities to buy miles at a discount. Recent examples include: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan US Airways Dividend Miles Avianca LifeMiles Most of the time, however, I ignore promotions to buy

A Tip for Triggering Stay-Based Bonuses

One of the nice things about promotions such as the Marriott Rewards Megabonus is that they are easy to understand. Stay 2 times and receive a free night at a lower category hotel is pretty typical. Hopefully you are interested

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What are Fare Classes / Booking Codes?

When talking to people who are new to the concept of collecting frequent flyer miles for flights, I often get blank stares when I mention the idea of “booking codes” or “fare classes”. These blank stares often become something quite

IHG Rewards Club – 2014 Promo Codes

 One of the best ways to amaze my friends is to show them how I can earn 5 or more free nights, simply by staying 1 night at a hotel (which might only cost 40 euros a night!!). Many readers

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