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Transferring Hotel Points Between Accounts

For any number of reasons, families might find themselves with hotel loyalty points spread across the accounts of various family members. This isn’t usually a big deal, as long as each account holder manages to accumulate enough points for at

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TopCashBack Withdrawals Now Available as Avios

 I recently noticed that TopCashBack have added Avios as a partner for withdrawing balances. The rate, however, is nothing to get excited about. £1 of cashback converts into 105 Avios (including the 5% bonus) so you’re effectively buying Avios for

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Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Trial Now Giving Status Through Feb 2016

Reports are surfacing that the Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Trial is now giving status through February 2016 (if successful of course). As a result, I thought it would be worthwhile to refresh a post from a couple of months ago…

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IHG Rewards Club – 2014 Promo Codes

With no signs of a summer promotion from IHG Rewards Club, possibly due to problems with stays crediting for the last “Big Win”, I thought I’d do a recap of the promotional codes available in 2014. As many readers already

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A Tip for Triggering Stay-Based Bonuses

One of the nice things about promotions such as the Marriott Rewards Megabonus is that they are easy to understand. Stay 2 times and receive a free night at a lower category hotel is pretty typical. Hopefully you are interested

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Fast Track to IHG Rewards Club Platinum

IHG Rewards Club Platinum status is probably one of the least appealing top level statuses among the various hotel chains. This is probably due to the fact that, until recently, it was possible to reach Platinum status simply by buying

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How to Search for Aer Lingus Award Availability Online

One of the most frustrating aspects of the British Airways Executive Club is the fuel surcharges that must be paid by members on award bookings. This, when combined with the high taxes charged for flights – particularly long haul ones